Kelowna Flyboard Okanagan Lake Water Sports

Flyboard Experience

$149.00 Flyboard Booking


First Timer? Second Timer? Always wanted to try flyboarding? But no one to go with? We got your covered! Jump in solo and meet some other like-minded new friends or bring another friend along. This experience is suited for anyone looking to learn this fun, new water sport.

Everyone will join together on our team boat, cruise out into the Okanagan to our special flyboard spot and get ready for some fun. After one of our top rated certified instructors walks the group through the basics, you will be paired up one-on-one to go at your own pace and have an experience you won’t soon forget! You and your new found flyboard friends will be on the boat together sharing in the fun and cheering each other on. With around 25 mins of fly time each, you will be on the boat from 1-2hrs depending on how many awesome people are there at once. Your average first time flyer is up and out of the water within the first 5 minutes. We look forward to flying with you!


Book the Boat – Private Kelowna Flyboard Experience

$650.00 Flyboard Booking

Have a group and want to book out the boat for a private experience? HydroFly Kelowna can customize for any group. Starting at 2.5 hrs up to 6 people. A boat and  a flyboard /jetpack experience? Now that’s a deal. Come see why Hydrofly BC has become one of Kelowna’s top water sport activities!




Kelowna Pro Flyboarding

$350.00 Flyboard Booking

Really looking to get the most of some one-on-one time with a real live pro? This option is for those looking for a truly unique experience on the flyboard. If you take your water sports seriously, our team downtown Kelowna has the answer for you.

One of our local world-renowned professional hydro flight team members will create a lesson plan for you and spend a full hour guiding you through it. This time is solely focused on one person to get them as advance as we can within the given time period. Exceptions can be made for 2 people on a 2 hour but will not surpass this.

*It MUST be booked in advance and we generally only have room for one/day. Meeting location may also vary within Kelowna.

**Looking to take this sport seriously? Multiple training sessions with a pro available at a discounted rate. $350 first session.                                                                                                                                            $300 second session $250 thereafter up to 5.




Fifteen golf courses to choose from, forty wineries, hiking along the Myra Canyon trestles or cycling along the waterfront. These things are all fun and attract many visitors to our city but why not consider something a lot more exhilarating on your next visit to Kelowna. Flyboarding! Yes, flyboarding.


Kelowna Flyboarding Watersports


Call this new activity what you want, Jetpacking, jet boarding or flyboarding is the best thing happening on Kelowna’s downtown waterfront. If you’ve walked along the lakefront during the summer you likely know what I’m talking about. A new sport exists now that lets you fly above the lake attached to a personal water craft allowing you to see the city from a perspective few get to experience.


Can anyone do this? From teenagers to seniors anyone can “get up”. It’s easier and safer than wakeboarding and even has some similarities. The Flyboard is secured by bindings and tethered to a jet ski. Depending on your skill level we’ll teach you how to maneuver above the water in a matter of minutes. Yes, there will likely be a couple of face plants and awkward tumbles at first but we make sure everyone figures it out and has an epic experience out on, I mean above, the lake.


Is it safe? The Flyboard floats and you’ll be wearing a personal flotation device at all times. This means when you’re in the water between flights you can rest and catch your breath without worrying about staying afloat. In other words, no one is going to drown. The instructor controls the Flyboard from the Jet Ski and will adjust the altitude depending on the customer’s skill level. Some people just want to fly a few metres off the water while others insist on backflips and other various advanced stunts to get the heart racing. After all, it’s all about the perfect Instagram story.


Really though, is it safe? Yes. So far we’ve taught over 3,000 people just like you to fly above the water and your safety is the most important thing on our minds at all times. We recognize that people have different skill sets and degrees of confidence and we won’t encourage you to try anything you aren’t able to do.


Is this a sport I can compete in? Hold your horses. The short answer is yes.  Competitions began in 2012 and there is even an annual world Flyboarding world championships. The first time out though is all about having a ridiculous amount of hysterical fun in a safe and controlled environment with a qualified instructor surrounded by your closest friends filming everything.



What Do I Need To Bring?  A bathing suit and sunscreen. That’s it. We supply everything including a helmet, life jacket and all the equipment required.


Birthday, Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties



I’m In. What Now? From a single individual just wanting to try it out to bachelor or bachelorette parties, we can accommodate you.  Same goes for corporate events, private lessons all the way up to experts, full day rentals or anything in between.  Click here for an online booking.


Anyone who tries this activity includes the word “thrilling” when describing the experience. People watching someone fly on top of the water from shoreline might think these are professional thrill seekers with higher thresholds for risk but the fact is it’s considerably easier to learn than surfing and much more fun. In no time new Flyboarders are able to hover a few feet over the water and realize how easy it is. Once this is accomplished the next step is even easier. What is the next step you might be asking. Well, if you can hover a few feet above the water it’s just the same as hovering ten feet above. Then thirty feet. You get the picture.

The Thrill

Who Doesn’t Want To Fly? Disneyland once surveyed kids to find out the best part of their Disney adventure and the number one answer was the airplane ride to California or Florida.  You probably remember your first airplane trip as a kid. The feeling of lifting off from the ground, the G forces you felt and the relative calm once you reached cruising altitude. This is sort of the same feeling. The thrill of flying will always be with us beginning with the Wright brothers. Thrill-seekers have tried hang gliding, cliff diving, jumping from airplanes and even jumping back to earth from space. Flyboarding offers this same adrenaline rush and the first thing you will likely want to do as you’re walking back to your car is figure out how to get back above the water again.


We’re located in the best spot in Kelowna. The Kelowna waterfront from City Park to the Island Stage is right in the centre of all the action and we’re right in the epicentre of everything. Parking can be a bit of an issue downtown but we recommend the Library Parkade on Ellis or the Chapman Parkade on Lawrence. Both are downtown and a short walk to Kelowna Marina kiosk. Our kiosk is at the foot of Queensway which we share with five businesses (230 Queensway Ave., Kelowna to find us on your mobile). Afterwards you’ll have your pick of walking to 50 restaurants, dozens of coffee shops, microbreweries, urban wineries and a zillion other things to do. Remember, we’re a beach town after all and Kelowna’s strict summer dress code downtown is flip flops and shorts


Kelowna Watersport Reunion or Celebration


To wrap up, if you’re already planning a family reunion, girls weekend, Bachelor party, wine touring or a golf trip to the Okanagan consider adding us to this list of things to do while enjoying the sunshine. We won’t disappoint.


We’ll even come to you. It’s a big enough lake after all and we’re certainly mobile. Having a birthday party near the lake in Vernon, Penticton, Peachland or wherever we can arrange to be where you are and bring the party to a dock near you.


Bring with you a positive attitude, an adventurous spirit and be prepared to have a little more fun than you might have bargained for.



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